Improve your well-being through the power of nature & meditation!


Thursday, October 28th, 18.00-18.45

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Spending time in green spaces feels good and will improve your mood.
Meditation is a centuries old method of developing a healthy mind.

Join us to increase your mental well-being through the combined proven power of nature and meditation!

The Details

  • Where: Meet at the left entrance in front of Estrela Basilica when facing the park (after sign-up you'll be able to call/message us if needed) and we'll walk together to our meditation spot in Jardim da Estrela
  • Price*: 7 EUR paid with MBWay or bank transfer at registration
  • Levels: all levels welcome, including beginners! Please bring your own cushion or rolled up towel/sweater to sit on.

We follow Covid-19 safety guidelines including social distancing, so please reserve your spot only if you truly intend to join us :)

Spots are limited, maximum 10 people!

* If the price is not doable for you at this moment, please still sign up and let us know.

Your Teachers

We wanted to offer you a space in nature to come recharge your body and train your mind using secular mindfulness techniques. Together we combine our expertise and take turns leading each class so you get to experience different themes and techniques. The classes are stand-alone.

Meet your teachers below!

Emma Ullvin

Qualified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

Emma is a Swedish teacher with a global background, making a home in Portugal. She teaches the gold-standard 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course, as well as stand-alone classes and workshops. She's passionate about brain training and teaching tools that support our well-being and empowers us to skillfully navigate life.

Emma is always seeking out nature, laughs, and gelato.

Francisco Esteves

Neuroscientist & Mind Coach

Francisco is a Portuguese neuroscientist trained in California and an adept of mind-body connection practices. His passion is learning and sharing the scientific advancements in the neuroscience of happiness and meditation. Through group and individual sessions, he guides people in discovering how to lead a flourishing life.  

Francisco is most commonly found somewhere near a large body of water.

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